karoline rudolf


1980 born in Graz,  2004 – 2011 studiing fine arts in Linz > Mag.a art.
focusing on (public) space, installations and performances

>> correspondence and tightening of the

     smashed being

     Group exhibition/art rental: Initiative Kunstverleih

     Akademie Graz (AT)



>> Ladies and Gentlemen

     The fragile femenistic we, Group exhibition,

     Neue Galerie Graz (AT) 


>> la glissière meringue – an unhealthy object

     art purchase, Province of Styria, Graz (AT)

>> cloudy, Schnabel retires, Initiative Kunstverleih,

     Forum Stadtpark – Graz (AT)


>> Performance was yesterday

     Group exhibition: with the artists: Isa Riedl,

     Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, Moke Rudolf – Klengel,

     Julius Deutschbauer, Karoline Rudolf and 

     Michael Fanta – diskurs and drinks with

     Antonia  Prochaska – curated by Karoline Rudolf –

     at Kultur in Graz – Graz (AT)

>> fleetingly

     Performance collaboration with Markus Deutschmann        – Kultur in Graz – Graz (AT)

>> BANG!  

     Group exhibition: >>in suspense<< – Rotor

      – offhand publication from Tom Klengel – Graz (AT)

>> a F., Schnabel retires, wing of a Blauracke
     Group exhibition/art rental: Initiative Kunstverleih              Forum Stadtpark – Graz (AT)


>> a F., Schnabel retires, wings of a Blauracke                    Group exhibition, Initiative Kunstverleih, Forum               Stadtpark – Graz (AT)


>> Superman, Initative Kunstverleih, Gallery Schnitzler           Lindsberger Graz (AT)
>> la glissière meringue – an unhealthily object,                Initiative Kunstverleih, Kunsthaus Graz

>> Superman,  Initiative Kunstverleih, Gallery                      Zimmermann Kratochwill – Graz (AT)
>> The diving kidneys,  We still can fall back, Fluc               – Vienna (AT)


>> my flock, art purchase, district of Styria, Graz (AT)
>> a m o k,
art room styria, Neue Galerie/                    

     Universalmuseum Joanneum, permanent loan, Graz            (AT)
>> Superman,
Initiative Kunstverleih, Forum Stadtpark –        Graz (AT)
>> I lost my colt,
Kristalin 33, Salzamt – Linz (AT)
>> Kluckyland meets Kluckyland
, Kluckyland – Vienna          (AT)


>> the ship song, queerograd15 – KIG – Graz (AT)
>> Atelierstipendium
, Land Steiermark (AT)


>> Heu nun, stage design for the >>Vitamins of                Society<< am Hoftheater Mathans in ST. Ulrich  

     im Greith in the south west of Styria (AT)
>> I lost my pillow, TRANSPOSITION.CHANGE: DOK        Lower Austria – St. Pölten (AT)
>> illuminating, in passing:  KTU – Linz (AT)


>> I lost my colt, art scholarship from city of Linz : Texas



>> oktobernovember, The Smallest Gallery – Graz (AT)


>> I lost my pillow, diploma degree – Tel Aviv/Linz (IL)
>> I lost my self – Tel Aviv (IL)
>> logbook, Art Basel Linz Miami beach Wels –

     Medienkulturhaus Wels (AT)
>> hidden living secrets, Linz an der Salzach: Salzburger      Kunstverein > a wall installation – Salzburg (catalog)        (AT)


>> nomination for the talentcontest  of Ö1 (catalog)
>> tschikweiber, Reclaiming Space: Architekturforum OÖ      – ATW, photo installation (AT)
>> eighteenth october two thousand eight, Almost in          passing Gallery 5533 – Istanbul (TR)


>> Street Sweeper Revue, funny femme:  Galerie               Strafsachenstelle – Linz (AT)


>> The top secret bunny garden,Hightech, Lifestyl,              Lebensart: Warmbaderhof – Villach (AT)
>> 008 in the name of her majesty I – II, By grace and        despair Charim Galerie – Vienna (AT)


>> Wind Sleeves, Symposium – Südafrika (ZA)
>> What really happens if pickles want out of the glass,       We make art because..: Schirmmacher – Linz                 (catalog) (AT)
>> District Heating a joint project with >> little drama          boyz<<: Pathos Transport Theater – München (DE),        Theaterfestival – Aix en Provence (FR), Forum                Stadtpark – Graz, die Theater (=Brut) – Vienna (AT)


>> Feather Ballet, moving objects – Ottensheim (catalog)      (AT)
>> Feather Ballet, best off: Galerie Paradigma – Linz           (catalog) (AT)